Regeneration & Amplification devices

Traffic regeneration and amplification devices, to duplicate traffic in layer 1, on fiber and copper interfaces, full protocol independent. Ethernet, SDH, ATM, FC, ESCON , OTN ...  

 Regeneration TAP optical 1 link

Regeneration TAP optical 1 link

The Regeneration Tap is a combination between tap and amplifier. It is very useful to have the full optical power on the monitoring port especially on optical multimode links.

 SFP  OEO Amplifier

SFP OEO Amplifier

  • full layer 1 transparent
  • no delay
  • USB powered (when use with with GBit SFP)
  • 10 Gbit and Gbit support
  • SFP & SFP+ support
  • Part Nr #: CBR.MEDSFP