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Packetmaster without TAP

The non-blocking design of the Packetmaster allows using the Packetmaster in pass through mode.In pass through mode the traffic is passing the Packetmaster without using external TAPs.

In pass through mode the Packetmaster is transparent and the traffic is sent from one port to the other without interruption. Moreover, it is also possible to aggregate the traffic of various links to a designated output at the same time. Filtering and all other Packetmaster features are also provided in the through mode.

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All Packetmaster EX models come now with an Rest API „Representational state transfer” this interface makes it very easy to integrate the Packetmaster in any other application. North and Southbound, we at Cubro integrate the Packetmaster and the Capture tool.  The capture tool can activate the filter and the Packetmaster can start capturing when he receives an preselect traffic on a specific port. This is only on little example how the Rest API can be used to help you in your daily work with network monitoring

Bypass logo

The last software upgrade, gives every Cubro Packetmaster the ability to work as a bypass switch with heartbeat functionality. The Cubro Bypass solution supports data rates from 1 to 100 Gbit .

Special Features:

  • Multilink support
  • Monitoring support
  • Switch to spare support
  • Packet Broker and Bypass Switch 
    in one unit support

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Ex20400 bypass LR4 drawing

10 Gbit Twinax TAP

With the growing market of the active and passive twinax cable Cubro offers now this pricewise interesting solution to monitor this links.

The CUBRO Twinax Converter Tap converts the traffic from an SFP active/passive cable, 10 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet links to an optical output. This application is not fully passive. If needed we offer an addition battery option.

For all these cases CUBRO provides a cost-effective, flexible and small device which converts the incoming traffic to an additional output port

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10 Gbit Twinax TAP

Cubro Optical Switch

The Cubro Optial Switch family works with state-of-the-art MEMS technologyMEMS = Microelectromechanical systems Up to forty-eight MEMS 1x24 switches, twenty-four as inputs and the other twenty-four as outputs, can be interconnected to form a fully non-blocking matrix switch. We also provide standard optical switches or blocking matrix switches.

Cubro Optical Switch
The Cubro Optical Switch is used in an optical network to dynamically configure the system for Test and Measurement applications. The matrix switch is a simplified alternative solution for cable management and allows users to share resources.
rack mount chassis allows convenient storage for all applications.

Regeneration TAP up to 12,5 Gbit

In some cases the optical power on the network links is too low to simply split the signal. This appears mostly on multi-mode links and on long single-mode links, or if there is a need to split the traffic more than once in order to feed two or more monitoring system.

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(Picture full power version)

Example: Splitting optical multi-mode link to two outputs. This is not possible with passive only splitters, because the loss of splitting on multi-mode fiber is too high.
Cubro offers regeneration TAP’s from 100 Mbit up to 12,5 Gbit in two versions: half power and full power output.

1/3" Optical Slim Tap Next Generation

This new Cubro optical Tap has two new improvements, the colored connectors, this helps to bring together the link and the monitoring cables. The second advantage is that the link connectors and the monitoring connectors are separated.
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MTP TAP 40 & 100 Gbit

The challenge of taping a 40 Gbit /100 Gbit multimode link based on a QSFP connector is that the QSFP is defined as quad cannel interface (Q – quad), this means in fact we have 4 x 10 Gbit. But this 4 x 10 Gbit are in a kind a trunk that means a Ethernet packet is spreading in 4 chunks and send parallel over the 4 fiber links.

A special layer 1 protocol takes care that the receiver knows which the fiber one is two and so on, so that the receivers can reassemble the packet in the right way.

The TAP is connected over MTP connectors (8 fibers) with the QSFP, the output is also MTP which is connected to the input of the Packetmaster 484. The special features in the Packetmaster 484 helps to reassemble the QSFP traffic.

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Cubro 6 link /12 port Copper TAP with filtering and SFP output

The CUBRO Multi port Aggregation TAP combines 12 Copper ports to 12 independent monitoring ports. The network ports are electrical (RJ-45) 10/100/1000 Base-T. 12 Monitoring ports deliver the aggregated traffic via SFP 1000 Base-T (RJ-45) or 1000 Base-X (SM / MM).

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New Packetmaster Software

The Packetmaster Management suite consists of 3 modules, Monitor, Configure and Analyze. The three modules are independent from each other. They can work separately or all together.   New Packetmaster Software